Beaufort Hill Welfare

Community Hall

Available for hire seven days a week for groups, functions and parties.

Available for hire seven days a week for groups, functions or parties

                                      Beaufort Hill

                                           Ebbw Vale

                                         NP23 5QW

                             Tel :-  07572 048274

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Business Plan

Beaufort Hill Welfare Community Hall Ltd (The Company) is a Company Limited by Guarantee and registered in England and Wales (Co Reg No 9341536).

It is fully Incorporated and constituted and its Constitution and Memorandum & Articles of Association are available to view at the Company’s registered office.

The formation of the Company came about when local residents joined together to form a group to ensure that the Welfare Community Hall, which was due to be closed by Blaenau Gwent CBC on 30th September, could remain open for the benefit of the community.

It was resolved at the first meeting of the residents that a Community Asset Transfer C.A.T.) application be made to the Council, requesting a long term lease be awarded to them in order to secure the future of a community facility that has been at the centre of Beaufort Hill both physically and socially since 1935.

The formation of Beaufort Hill Welfare Community Hall Ltd and the election of officers and members to manage this project followed immediately.

Assistance was sought from the Council, GAVO and Communities 1st to see through the C.A.T. application.

Since the formation of the Group and the Company, Blaenau Gwent CBC have fully assessed and considered the first year of business and have agreed to a 25 year lease.


Beaufort Hill Welfare Community Hall (The Hall)  continues to provide facilities for all persons of all ages within the area and confirms the capability of Beaufort Hill Welfare Community Hall Ltd (The Company) to manage this development project into a sustainable venture.


The Mission of the Company is to provide and manage a community centre to promote and organise co-operation between local inhabitants, voluntary and community organisations, statutory bodies and other agencies in the achievement of these purposes.


The Vision of The Company is to increase the usage of The Hall so that it is self sustainable and that every person in Beaufort can access community activities.


The Values of the Company are :

• That we will treat people with dignity and respect, regardless of race, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age. At all times people’s feelings will be    valued and respected.

• We will value the contribution made by volunteers, staff, officers, members, statutory and other community partners.

• We will use their time and resources responsibly and efficiently

• We value the trust invested in us by Blaenau Gwent CBC and will sustain that trust by operating in an open and responsible manner.


The Aims of The Company, through a process of self-review, discussion with statutory bodies, local organisation and residents have been identified as vital to our pursuit of our Mission, Vision and Values. They will :


• Increase the range of activities, services and learning opportunities in Beaufort

• Enable local people to actively engage in community life

• Improve access for local people to the services and amenities they need

• Create a cohesive community within Beaufort Hill

• Develop a financially sustainable business that will remain active in the community for many generations.


The Company will allow for these aims to be achieved through :


• Providing a communal area and events where the Community can come together

• Providing opportunities for volunteering

• Encouraging and supporting clubs, groups and individuals to provide activities, services and learning opportunities

• Generating the necessary income to run and maintain The Hall


The BHWCH committee therefore aims to promote, improve and enhance the facilities and activities within the Beaufort Hill Welfare Community Hall on behalf of the surrounding communities. The main ethos of the committee is to reduce feelings of social exclusion by providing opportunities for social and recreational activities and by fostering well-being and social cohesion through community events, activities and celebrations. The committee will also seek to encourage a greater level of community involvement and usage of Beaufort Hill Welfare Community Hall and consider the amount of volunteer involvement as important both for the project and for the individuals involved.


BHWCH committee has undertaken a significant amount of community consultation which has determined what could be improved with the current facility and what additional facilities and services people would like to see in the building. The Welfare Hall currently has 2 large halls, small kitchen and meeting room, toilets and changing facilities available for hire to community and agencies. The involvement of local children in this consultation process also encouraged them to take pride in their community and hopefully to take “ownership” of the facilities in the future.  Community involvement in the early stages of planning and development will help to lessen anti-social behaviour in the community and will result in a greatly increased use of Beaufort Hill Welfare Community Hall.