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Available for hire seven days a week for groups, functions and parties.

Available for hire seven days a week for groups, functions or parties

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Historical Documents Two

Monthly meeting held on Saturday 12 November 1949

In the chair — Mr Bryn Evans

10 members present

'Application for use of Hall on Saturday November 26th for a supper and social evening by Cardiff City Supporters Club. The fee stated that the application had been granted by the Officers, but wished the committee to approve their action.


Monthly Meeting 15th  April 1950

'Application for the use of the Dance Hall for a birthday party for Master Barry Caswell.  - Mr W.H. Davies moved that the Hall be granted, seconded Mr Bert Roberts and passed.'

13th May 1950 -'Application for use of Hall for Birthday Party for Miss Jill Thomas. Granted at a fee of 10/6

May 18th 1950.''Application for use of Hall for a wedding reception by Mr H.V. Edwards. Granted at a fee of£1.1.0  on Saturday July 29th '


9th June 1950

'The Secretary informed the meeting that the work of clearing around the Hall had commenced but was progressing very slowly, on top of this it was on record that the Billiard Hall be repainted during the summer of this year. The takings in the Billiard Hall for the past two weeks had not covered the wages of one man, the secretary stated he wished the committee to give a great deal of thought to this matter, with a view to increasing he work to justify the employ of two caretakers or by any other means considered appropriate.

A great deal of discussion took place when a number of opinions were expressed.

Eventually Mr Bryn Evans stated that the only solution was for one caretaker to be dismissed for the summer months and in as much as Mr Charles was the older employee of the Welfare, Mr Evans proposed that Mr James Davies be notified that his services are not required during the summer months and that he be given one week notice. This was seconded by Mr E. Gray.'


30th  June 1950

'Mr H. Kedward inquired into the minute referring to the conduct of the Cricket Section. The chairman explained to Mr Kedward that certain members of the Cricket Section were not paying a weekly contribution to the General Scheme in spite of the fact that they had been approached several times by the Secretary. There was also a great deal of concern felt about the presentation of the caps, which according to information received had been held in The White Horse Inn. On being asked Mr Kedward agreed that the presentation had taken place in The White Horse Inn.

This gave rise to a great deal of discussion when many views were expressed deploring the attitude of the Cricket Section in holding their annual presentation in The White Horse Inn. Eventually Mr W.J. Davies proposed that the Secretary be instructed to bring to the notice of the Cricket Section the motion which he would now move.

"The General Committee of Beaufort Hill Welfare Hall disagrees with the attitude of the Cricket Section in holding their annual presentation of Caps in The White Horse Inn, in view of the fact that there were young members of the Cricket Section who could not attend the function and in view of the fact that the Welfare offered every facility for such occasion."

This was seconded by Mr Bert Roberts and passed unanimously.'


10th July 1950

General Committee

Messrs   P. Huish, Bert Roberts, W.J. Davies, E.Gray, Bryn Evans, Harry Kedward, Rex Herbert, E.G. Thomas

Football Section

Ken Pritchard, F. Dowding, Harry Tee

Cricket Section

A.Durban, Jack Reaks, Harry Waters


Minutes of Special Meeting of the General Committee held Friday 25th August 1950

Chair — Mr H Thomas

Members Present— Messrs Bryn Evans, Bert Roberts, W.H. Davies, S Sage, J Bowen, Harry Kedward, W.J. Davies, E. Gray, Rex Herbert, E.G. Thomas.

'Before discussing matter arising the Chairman stated that he had been approached by a Dutch lady who was at present residing at Ebbw Vale and who was desirous of hiring the hall for a Ballet Class. In view of the fact that she was Dutch and would probably encounter some difficulty in stating her case in writing he had invited her to attend the meeting of the General Committee in order that she may answer any question that may be raised by individual members. The ladies name was Miss Jacobs and was only a temporary resident in the area. With the consent of the committee Miss Jacobs was then invited into the meeting in company with her intended Mother in Law, Mrs Hiles, of Ebbw Vale.

Miss Jacobs stated that she had made an application to the Local Authority to run a Ballet Class and in the area under the auspices of the Monmouthshire Education Authority. This had not been granted but she had been refered to the Beaufort Hill Welfare and she was of the opinion that if she proved the proved the worth of the Ballet Class she would have the support of the Monmouthshire Education Authority. She would therefore be very grateful if the management committee would grant her the use of the hall.

Miss Jacobs then answered several questions put to her by the committee quite satisfactorily.

Miss Jacobs then left the room and after a little discussion Mr Bryn Evans moved that the Hall be granted at a fee of £1.17.6 this was seconded by Mr E Gray and passed.

Miss Jacobs was then informed of the decision of the committee and expressed her satisfaction. She stated that she would contact the committee at a later date in reference to the date and time of the engagement.'


8th September 1950

'Miss Jacobs, who had been granted the use of the Hall for a ballet class, has since applied for an hour or so each afternoon for the next 10 days, so that she may rehearse a dance which she has been asked to do for the Old Aged Pensioners.'


14th April 1951

'Mrs Iles running the Ballet Class.'

'Mr Marchant running the Film Show.'

'Application for use of Cricket Field by Ebbw Vale Technical School.'


19th May 1951

'Mr Bryn Evans then raised the matter of Females being allowed in the Billiard Hall and stated that it was a very serious board of contention among senior members of the scheme that young girls should not be allowed to visit the Billiard Hall. This was supported by Mr E. Gray whilst the Secretary defended the decision of the Officers to allow females into the Billiard Hall, due to the fact that there was no rule to the contrary. Mr J. Bowen moved that no female be allowed into the Billiard Hall. This was seconded by Mr l. Jones. Mr Rex Herbert moved an amendment that adult females over the age of 18 be allowed this was seconded by the secretary. The proposition carried.'


18th August 1951

'The Secretary stated that the use of the Hall had been granted to the residents of Swan Crescent for the purpose of holding a Festival Tea. Would the committee endorse the action of the Officers in granting the Hall and agree on the point of payments. It should be noted, however, that it was an unusual occurrence. Several members raised the point of memberships among the residents of Swan Crescent, and a great deal of discussion was given to the point. However, eventually Mr J. Bowen moved that no fee be made for the Hall, but that the person who applied should be told that the general committee would suggest that all residents of Swan Crescent become a member of Beaufort Hill Welfare Club (passed).'


8th September 1951

'The chairman opened the meeting by calling upon Mr l. Jones, who is the most active of our Trustees, to present Mr P. Huish with a Oak Biscuit Barrel and a pair of Oak Candlesticks as a token of good will from the General Committee to Mr and Mrs Huish on the occasion of their marriage.'

'Lead that had come off the old Tennis Court was sold for £10.0.0, more than had been anticipated.'


13th October 1951

'The Secretary stated that it was the desire of the members of the Ladies' Section to have a 3 point plug put at the back of the stage in order that they may heat the Urn there if they so choose to do so. It was agreed that this matter be left to the Officers and that the plug be installed.'

8thDecember 1951

The Secretary then stated that he had been informed that quite a few cafes in Brynmawr were using cutlery with the Beaufort Hill Welfare stamp on them, and in point of fact one such spoon had been brought to the house.'