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How to find us

Photos 1 & 2 show the car park at the east side of the Hall, there is limited parking space, but during evenings & weekends ,there is extra parking available at Beaufort Hill Primary School.

Photo 3 - shows the route to drive to the School Car Park via South Street (marked in YELLOW dots) , then you are able to walk through a lane to get to the Hall, (marked in BLUE dots)

Car Parking April 2024.jpeg

APRIL 2024

Polite reminder to everyone using ‘The Hall’

The car park at the side of the hall is a public car park managed by BGCBC and for the use of everyone.

If you are able, please use the small parking area at the end of Bangor Road and walk through the lane to the venue

Please use the Google Map to get directions to the Hall, inserting Postcode :-  NP23 5QW  as the destination

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