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The following request was posted on the Welfare Hall Facebook Page :-

"We are trying to put together a history of the Beaufort Hill Welfare Hall since it's building in the 1930s. We would like to hear your memories and anecdotes of "The Hall". You can post them on here or email us at  :-                                                                                                                                                                                    

Please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous -  Thank you for your stories"


Below are some of the memories and photographs submitted :-

Jayne Munro- The Battle of the Bands was held there before it was moved to the Leisure Centre!

Trish Evans -  remember dancing there with Pam Davies dance group. Would have been around 1971 or 72

Michelle Ann Wyburn -We had our wedding night there in 1986  

Beaufort Hill school held their Christmas parties there late 40's early 50's 

Neil Mitchell - Remember a gym club being held downstairs , think it was early 60's , Albert Williams body builder / weight lifter who was at some stage Mr Wales ran it.I visited it a few times with his son Barry Williams . Also I played football for teams and used the changing rooms there.

Gary Jones -My memories are of Boxing Night Dances, and fundraisers for the carnival committee

N.C Roberts - Can remember playing for Beaufort Colts from the beginning and that was our changing rooms.. Also playing table tennis there too .. Numerous parties held there and also me and a few friends used to practise there and the log cabin with our guitars in our teens ;-)  Also had a few meetings in there with Beaufort Cricket Club...

Best memory party was my 18th... I had been going to The Farmers since I was about 16.5 years old and playing darts there.. Then Mam & dad organised my party in the Welfare and Mr & Mrs Jones(landlords of the Farmers) presented me with a set of darts and a tankard.. After he uttered the words "So Neil, you are now 18, how have you been drinking in my pub for the last 2 or so years then!" Lovely people..

Tony Hill - They had 4 snooker tables there used to go in from school,  Mr Charles used to run it from Chandlers road . Shut it down because of fighting,  and used to change there playing football for White Horse Colts . Used to have youth club there, also met a few girlfriends there.

Used to go to the youth club there in the 1960' s

Michele M Bond Nugent - Youth club run by Mr and Mrs Brain, fab times. They did a great job!!!

Also remember the Boxing Day party watching the parent jiving, always had a fab night.

I also helped out in the Cylch Meithrin Playgroup downstairs from about 1993.

Would love to see photo from the Boxing Day parties.

 Kathleen Bouanane - Loved the youth club but also held  competition for carnival for carnival queen and court ladies for the float  - happy days there, loved it

Marcus O'leary  -  Bit sad, my memory is Lenny The Lion opening a school Xmas jumble sale and fete in 1978. Think it was Terry HALL who he was speaking up for.

 Janice Markey - Dancing on a Friday evening , where we learnt dances such as the Gay Gordon's , Underneath the Spreading Chestnut tree, the Palais Glide and the Breakaway Blues , as little girls in Beaufort Hill Primary my friend Barbara Hann and myself loved these evenings in the late 50s .

Marian Price - They had a  Bingo night there in the 60s... not sure of the night, think it might of been a Friday, maybe someone else will remember.

All us kids of the parents playing, were  allowed in one of the small side room at the front of the building... it was always packed full. We were always getting told off by either Ernie Grey or Boofy Thomas for not being quiet...Brilliant times growing up in the Cornish houses! Summers were never ending & we always had things to do, made our own fun.

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