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Beaufort People

Named People
Unknown People
The following photographs were part of a collection from the late Mr Rex Herbert M.B.E, but we have few details about most of them. Should anyone know anything about any of them, please contact us.
The Cobbler & his shop - by Howard Robinson
This is about Harry Smith who owned a cobblers shop on Beaufort Rise
Pendry Davies the barber - by his granddaughter Kathryn Markey
This is about about Pendry Davies, who owned a barbers shop on Beaufort Rise
Carini's Cafe
The cafe has been in existence on Beaufort Rise for over 100 years,  and is still going strong, this is their story
Shobon Hardening Centre
This was based in rural Herefordshire, and was a work camp for the unemployed in 1920-30s
The Daniels Family                                                                                                                              Lived in the house underneath the Lower Cwm Viaduct, photograpss and information provided by grand-daughter Tracy Dargan
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