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The hall is available for hire seven days a week for groups, functions or parties

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                                                                     IMPORTANT NOTICE 17th APRIL 2024

Your Hall is at the heart of your small community, but we are running desperately short of funds and could face closure.

About 10 years ago BGCBC intended on closing the hall and there was uproar across our community. We need your help again.

The hall opened in 1934 and was built by local miners who gave a penny a week (equivalent to about £9 today) out of their pay to get it built. We are asking that the community show the same generosity as those miners, and donate whatever they can afford to keep the hall open. Every small donation will help.

We run as a not-for-profit organisation and we receive no funding from the local authority. The Directors are all unpaid volunteers and all income goes back into maintaining the 90 year old hall and paying overheads such as heating, cleaning, council tax, recycling, statutory testing requirements etc..

We were covering our costs with income, prior to Covid, but with our fuel bills having more than quadrupled, we are now struggling to cover our expenditure. Our beautiful hall is about to celebrate being a community hub for 90 years, but our days are numbered, as it stands. The hall is used by all ages across our local area, including coffee mornings, Parent & Toddler groups, a Dementia Cafe group, Gentle Exercise for older members of our community, yoga, kick-boxing and Baby Sensory play, to name but a few. It is a hub for tackling lonliness and social,isolation across all generations.

We hold regular events, such as Chinese Auctions, Music Nights, Bingo and Race Nights- anything we can think of to bring in income to keep your Hall open.

Funds are desperately needed to keep your hall open, to provide a venue for all members of your community to utilise, as it has within our community for 90 years. Please help us save our Hall for future generations. Even a donation of £5 will help us keep your hall open.

                                                                                                            Thank You

             Help Save Beaufort Hill Miners Welfare Hall, a Community Hub -                                  a Gofundme page  has been set up via the Hall Facebook page,to help raise funds, if you would like to contribute, please visit the page by clicking HERE

This year your beautiful hall celebrates 90 years of providing a social and wellbeing hub for all the community. Come and join us for a full day of fun and entertainment. Browse the old photos exhibition and reminisce over the fun you had at the hall in the past. Recall all the parties you attended, Christmas, birthdays, weddings etc. The football teams you played for, the parent and toddler groups you came to. Only 100 tickets available for afternoon and 100 for the evening

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We are starting our plans ready to celebrate our Community Hall’s 90th Birthday. If anyone has any unwanted new items that would be suitable for raffle prizes etc, we would be extremely grateful. Please get in touch to make arrangements to drop off prizes.

Thank you


Two videos have been uploaded to this page, the first is an appeal to help save the hall, the second video shows the facilities that are available in the hall

We are now able to provide additional parking for large groups making one off evening and weekend bookings
How was your visit to the Hall ?  Please send us your comments via an email and we will publish them on the REVIEWS page

                   COMING SOON

Support your volunteer led, not for profit community hall and enjoy a not for profit bar , live music to suit all tastes and a dance….if you feel inclined . Everyone welcome but ticket numbers are restricted to 100

Tickets from Wendy Short by messenger only ( not via commenting!)or ring 07432554443. Please be advised tickets sell very quickly for these events

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